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Encountering God in 2024

Encountering God in 2024

Well, happy last day of 2023! Tomorrow marks the beginning of a brand new year. Whether you’re ringing it in with fireworks or tucked into bed, there’s a universal sense of excitement, optimism, and hope as we step into 2024. What does this new year hold for each of us? I believe it holds exciting opportunities for encountering God in profound ways. God desires to strengthen our faith, deepen our trust, and envelop us in His loving presence. As we embark on this journey of encountering God in 2024, let’s focus on three key elements: receiving God’s mercy, rejoicing in His character, and responding in worship.

1. Receive God’s Mercy

Before delving into Exodus 34:1-9, let’s reflect on the concept of God’s mercy. The passage reveals a critical moment when Israel, despite numerous failings, experiences God’s mercy afresh. It’s a reminder that God initiates the covenant, pursuing His people despite their rebellion. The sheer existence of Exodus 34 is evidence of God’s mercy, a theme that runs consistently throughout the Bible.

Application: Just as Israel received God’s mercy, we are called to let go of the weight of forgiven sins. Let’s stop carrying the baggage of guilt that God has already forgiven us for. Embrace His forgiveness and leave behind the burdens that hinder our pursuit of God.

2. Rejoice in God’s Character

As we turn to Exodus 34:1-9, we witness a breathtaking revelation of God’s character. God passes before Moses, proclaiming His name, declaring His compassion, graciousness, slowness to anger, and abounding love and truth. He forgives iniquity, rebellion, and sin, yet maintains justice.

Application: To encounter God in 2024, we must rejoice in His character. Dive into God’s Word, discover His attributes, and let His truth transform your life. As you grasp the richness of God’s character, joy will naturally overflow.

3. Respond in Worship

Moses’ response to God’s revelation is worship. He kneels low on the ground, acknowledging God’s mercy and character. In our journey of encountering God, our response should be one of worship—acknowledging God’s grace, goodness, and faithfulness.

Application: Cultivate a habit of daily quiet time, engaging with Scripture and reflecting on its truths. Whether you’re a seasoned believer or exploring faith, respond to God’s mercy and character in worship. It’s not about perfection but about embracing the forgiveness God freely offers.
As we step into 2024, let’s collectively embark on a journey of encountering God. The call is not exclusive to our church; it’s an invitation extended to everyone. God’s mercy is boundless, His character is unchanging, and worship is a universal response. May this year be marked by a genuine encounter with the God who passionately pursues each of us.