Easy Evangelism - Sharing Jesus in Everyday Conversation [GROWTH]

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About Easy Evangelism - Sharing Jesus in Everyday Conversation [GROWTH]:
What if talking about your faith felt as natural as discussing your family, your work, or your hobbies? What if it was less about delivering a polished presentation and more about having a real conversation? 

The goal of this class is to connect the gospel story with your story so that you can easily talk about it in normal conversations with people you know. No gimmicks. Nothing clever. No need to flip out. Just you, Jesus, and others – in conversations that matter.

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Note: Our GROWTH Equip Classes help you go deeper in your faith. We all struggle with feeling spiritually stagnant at times and it is easy for our faith walk to become routine. How do we be more intentional in our walk with God? That’s what these classes will tackle. How to grow deeper in our faith, freer in talking about our faith, able to engage in theology in deeper ways that lead to a fresh and vibrant relationship with the Lord where we are continuously growing into His likeness.